About cattery MEEKAHOO

The cattery of siamese and oriental cats MEEKAHOO was registered in April 2009 (Reg. №12799-2017/170115.RU WCF & №142/RU AFC) and is located in Russia Voronezh City. Up to this point our animal – Tvinki L-Stone (I bought her in 2007) were part of the cattery L-Stone, of owner Kameneva Ludmila, AB expert AFC. Thanks to Ludmila we fell in love with siamese and oriental cats, and decided to pursue breed them independently. Unfortunately, in 2009 the cattery L-Stone ceased to exist and we have registered new cattery. Graduates of our cattery live in Ukraine, Estonia, Kazakhstan, France, Czech Republic, Brazil, Austria, Italy, Norway, as well in different cities of Russia.
Thailand, formerly Siam, is home to a Siamese cats. The name of our cattery is derived from the Thai «มี ค่า หู (mee kaa hoo)» – «Valuable ear». Large, wide-open ears – one of rock-forming characteristics Siamese and Orientals, so we decided to give this name to our cattery.
We strive to get the perfect siamese and oriental cat – long-legged, slender, with long like whip tail, a narrow wedge-shaped head and ears, like the wings of a butterfly, green or blue almond-shaped eyes, good health and gentle temperament. The main direction of the cattery – the improvement of the breed qualities of the siamese and oriental cats classic solid colors.
On our site you will find a wide number of pictures of our siamese and oriental cats, as a participating in the work of our cattery, as well as who have found new loving owners. We hope that by visiting our website, you get a lot of fun, will fall in love to these wonderful, unusual animals, and will find your cat, who will become your indispensable close friend for many years.

Best regards,
felinolog AFC
Svetlana Lokteva
& Evgeniy Loktev